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Feature Requests
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I would like the ability to clear the stats regarding open rate, etc, especially when I have cleared all subscribers and started a new list. This only makes sense. I'm starting with a new blog and brand new list. The... (More)
Please develop more options for choosing subscribers that will get a broadcast: I would love to be able to send a new broadcast to: 1. people who did not open my last broadcast. 2. subscribers who are very engaged/opened last... (More)
Product Marketing geek 🤓😅


This is a „Dude, this won’t ever happen to me 😂“ story like you know it from movies.

A few months ago some clients started paying their bills extremely slowly (some after 4 months, some still didn’t pay) and that... (More)

Haley C
Community Manager

Feature Requests!

This is the new home for all of your feature requests!

I'll be keeping an eye on this topic, and sharing directly with our product team at CK.

Your requests matter to us and we are paying attention to what... (More)