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Landing page tip of the week ☝️

Hi everyone! 

This week's landing page tip is all about how to set up a downloadable freebie for your audience, using your landing page. 

Take a look!

In the Landing Page Settings (accessible via the "Settings" link with the gear from the Landing Page editor), in the "Incentive" section you'll want to choose "After confirming redirect to" and choose Download.  You can upload your file there:

How do I add my FREE DOWNLOAD to my landing page?  I saw a video of some lady explaining it but I CANNOT find that video again anywhere on your site.  PLEASE HELP
Hey! I am having trouble to deliver the freebie through my landing page. I uploaded the pdf file to the incentive email. The customer gets the email but after clicking on the button to download the freebie an error occurs... (More)
Darine C.
filmtrepreneur and founder of
I don’t know about you, but I feel like ConvertKit’s choices for forms are so low! has anyone used forms for your site that didn’t come from ConvertKit? if so, where did you get it from? tryna make my site... (More)