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[Article] How To Use Social Media
[Article] How To Use Social Media
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Hi! I'm Carol. Just trying to learn about email marketing!

I'm Carol Joy Simpson. I am a struggling new entrepreneur. Just trying to learn as much as I can. Presently I am trying to help others get started online so that they can also pursue their dreams. I have create... (More)

Chief Adventure Officer

This probably doesn't answer your question directly, but the vast majority of FB users are on mobile so the ROI on the tab isn't really worth it. Also historically when used (I had it with Mailchimp as well) it was... (More)

Freelance Content Marketing Consultant, Co-Founder of House of Creators

What is the main media you use for your content? Text, audio or video and why?

We use text right now (including photography) but aim to start using video soon. We started with text because this was the quickest method for us to get started. I know that some people get started quicker with videos but... (More)