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We have all struggled with being brave.

Tanya's story of lawyer-turned-creator is one that merits repeating, if only to remind ourselves that it's worth it to risk. To take the chance on our dreams.

Start your Thursday off with some serious inspiration, and check out Tanya's story!... (More)

Creator Story: Austin Saylor

“I just knew I needed to have a list. I was getting one new subscriber a week for the first year, but I wasn't worried about numbers because I didn't even know what I was doing. I just wanted to... (More)

Y'all we're almost at 10,000 members in our community! That's incredible!

Love getting to be here each week with all of you. We're building something special.

Wednesday Motivation: Creative Business Ideas We'd Start Today

Nathan and Barrett's podcast, The Future Belongs To Creators, is rolling along! 

In episode six, they discuss creative business ideas that they would start today. 

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