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You Know You're a Writer When... ✍

... you realize that the question is silly.

If you write, you're a writer. There are shades. Styles if you will. Bloggers. Essayists. Short story specialists. Novelists. People who write all of that and more. Screenplays. Games. All writers.

Until... (More)

Monday Motivation: How a journalist quit her job to become a NY Times best selling author

You can truly do the thing that’s in your heart.

And you can do it no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

Rejection couldn’t stop Jennifer Keishin Armstrong from taking any road possible to realizing her dream of becoming... (More)

Thursday Discussion: Why do you create?

Hi Creators!

Today's Thursday Discussion is an important one to have because it helps us to revisit our why.

Why do you create is a simple, straightforward way of asking you to recall why you started down the path of... (More)

Friday Celebrations!

It’s Friday, and you all know what that means- it’s time to celebrate!

Choose a win, what went well, what surprised you, or anything else you’d like to share. When we come together and celebrate our progress alongside one another,... (More)