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ConvertKit Community Specialists

hey @Danielle Stitt6, seems like SalesForce integration is possible via Zapier. 

Salesforce (SF) is our "single source of truth" about a contact. How can we integrate CK and SF so that a contact is subscribed to multiple campaign types (e.g. newsletter, webinar invitation, podcast notification). We would like the contact to manage what they unsubscribe to, for that information to be held in Salesforce and for the right lists to be automatically pulled from Salesforce when we send an email campaign from CK. Any advice / experience greatly appreciated! TIA.

If a subscriber updated a record on your Sf account, it will trigger an email sequence from ConvertKit. You can check this link to get into details:

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi there!

There's a high chance that your form from Convertkit used for your Wordpress has the double opt-in enabled8. That's why it's asking for confirmation before they can be added to your list. But it would be best... (More)

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi @Lenka Silhanova30

We can able to tag subscribers who purchases from CK Commerce through automation then use the tag for Calendly integration via Zap

However, in the process of connecting with Calendly, there is no option to make... (More)

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi @Abigail Zieger34 As I check this guide: Acuity Scheduling Integration30

You choose the Form, Sequence, or Tag you want to connect your Acuity customers to, and also select the opt-in question so it is clear that you have their... (More)