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Day 28. Running On Empty ✍

Eventually it happens to all of us. The well runs dry. You're running on fumes because there's nothing left in the tank.

Over the years, I've run out of gas any number of times in a variety of contexts. Sometimes... (More)

Day 26. Almost Done? ✍

We're almost done with NaNoWriMo. I actually hit my 50k a couple of days ago. The story isn't complete but I'm almost done with it. Or am I?

The thing to remember is that the writing is never done. Even... (More)

Day 30. NaNo Ends Tonight ✍

It's been a long slog. The whole month of November - a month for writing dangerously.

It really doesn't matter if you got your 50k for the month or only 5,000. Even 1,000 is more than you had on November... (More)

Day 29. Plotters and Plantsers and Pantsers, Oh My ✍

Among novelists, a continuum exists where individual authors - sometimes, individual books - use various modes to develop their works.

Some spend a few days - or weeks - building the plot by figuring out what the various points should... (More)