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Hello! My name is Jordan and I created “Team ALL IN” as a means to help junior & aspiring designers, like you 🤓, and my goal is to help you enhance your design skills and understandings of how to star... (More)
Product Marketing Manager at ConvertKit
Hey all! I’m Frances, the product marketing manager on the ConvertKit team. I just joined the team a few months ago and I’m excited to get to know you all better! Today I’m hopping in here to share some exciting... (More)
Hi everyone, just joined the challenge. I am a Mum Blogger, Mum group owner, just opened my online shop on my blog and looking to influence more people to join my community and walk the parenthood journey with them together.... (More)
Hello everyone, I want to personally apologize for the unexpected email notifications that were sent out today to so many of you. This was unexpected behavior, and myself and our team are working hard to find out what may have... (More)