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Paid Newsletter Challenge
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The first ever Paid Newsletter Challenge has come to an end, and it's time to celebrate! 🎉

During the month of May, creators who participated in the Paid Newsletter Challenge earned a total of $4,793 with our top participant earning more than $1,200. This is especially worth celebrating because all of the earnings are recurring income.

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In order to improve your experiences using ConvertKit, our product team is currently doing some research to understand our creators a little bit better.

We have two opportunities if you’re interested in helping out! 🎉

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Also, is there an Option to change the currency for the Pricing for a Paid Newsletter? All I see is USD. Euro would be very appreciated.
Paid Newsletter Checkout Page - Change Language.
Hy, can I change the Language for the Paid Newsletter Checkout Page? I can't change "order summary" "your email" or "payment", why not?