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Landing page tip of the week! 💡

Today's landing page tip includes 6 best practices for promoting your podcast!

  • Do you have a podcast?
  • Have you promoted it before?
  • What tips are your favorites from this video with Angel Marie?

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Live workshop and discussion thread: How to scale your podcast

Feeling overwhelmed by your podcast to-do list? Ready to scale your podcast growth in 2022? Let's chat!

Join me in today's free workshop and discussion thread to learn how to scale your growth and subscriber engagement by leveraging email automations.... (More)

Hi, y'all! Per Haley C. and her email this morning, I come here to share what I'm working on. Just launched my own podcast in mid-September, called This Plus That. It's a show about connecting the seemingly un-connectable and why... (More)

It's time for another Tuesday Tip! ☕️

An estimated 48 million episodes are floating around on the internet, and in 2020 more than a third of Americans listened to podcasts regularly.

In today's Tuesday Tip, Angel shares different podcasting format ideas and why they're important.

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