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How to get paid using tip jars

With our tip jar feature, you can accept tips from your subscribers, followers, and anyone who appreciates the work you do.

Whether or not you already sell paid products or services, a tip jar gives your audience the power... (More)

Hey everyone! We are deep into planning for all of the exciting updates for the product early next year, and we'd would love to talk to some of you to help us understand how you are using ConvertKit. This will... (More)

Group office hours happening today!

Are you coming to the first ever group office hours call today?

I will be there, along with our Product Marketing Manager, Frances. It's going to be awesome and we're all ears with your product feedback, experience, and ideas.

Hope... (More)

How do I add a tag to the person who purchase a product? What does it even mean to "select a topic" Sorry I'm a new user who is frustrated because I can't even get a question asked, why is... (More)