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Welcome to the best support group ever! 🎉💡👏🏼😃

This group is exclusively for supporting all of your questions, right here in the community.

No question is too small!

So how does it work?

  • Use the "Question" feature to ask a new question
  • Use the "Answer" button to help... (More)

Get your questions answered fast!

Hi Creators!

I'm just checking to see how many of you have joined our support group, and how many still need to.

This community support group is the best way to get your platform and best practices questions answered quickly,... (More)

Bookworm, Book Collector, and Loves Cooking.

Hi @karenkanakanui14

The confirmation/thank you page should be editable when you create a product. You can check this screenshot17 for reference. Can you try clearing your cache or use a different browser? If it doesn't work, you can reach out... (More)