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Calling all creators...

Hi friends!

I have a 3 question survey for you, all about the type of content you'd like to see in the coming months from us. We are a platform and community built by creators, for creators. That means we... (More)

Blair WadmanCommunity Guru
Email Automation Consultant -

Yes, there are a few. Here's a couple:

  • RightMessage - allows you to create survey widgets and it syncs the data to ConvertKit fields or tags
  • Typeform - has an integration with ConvertKit
  • WPForm (if you use Wordpress) - there... (More)
Jordan Aspen
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions
Things have changed a lot since I started my first business over 15 years ago and I'd like to get an idea of where people are at these days 😊 Click the link below if you'd like to take par... (More)