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Visual automation templates: Get a headstart on your funnels

There's a brand new visual automations template library in town. 

Check it out here, along with all of the details. 

The new template library

Hey @Ulla Soeder20! Your incentive email will use the same template as the default email template for your account. You can change its font via the template editor, but the options are limited to web-safe font choices — we... (More)

Claire Wilkinson
Yoga and Meditation teacher
Hi Everyone, I have just signed up and was trying to make a landing page where subscribers can sign up to my newsletter and am very frustrated with the lack of mobile compatibility. The landing page looks great on a... (More)

Hey @Clo22! Ah, it looks like that template doesn't currently support adding text above where that coloured accent ends, unfortunately (I'm assuming that's where you mean). But I just tested it and if you put your cursor at the... (More)