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I would just pick a number that you think is doable. You can always change the goal after a few days if you're writing more or less than your goal consistently. Generally, it's better to pick a smaller goal because... (More)

Week 2 Wrap Up 👏🏼

Hello everyone!

It's the end of the second week in our Content Accelerator, and I have loved seeing all of the progress you're making, as you work through the lessons. Thank you to those who have followed the prompts and... (More)

Performance Mindset Coach
Okay, I got my landing page done. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I tried to create a custom domain but after one too many error messages and a fried brain I stopped....maybe tomorrow
Hi Everyone! I'm checking in with an update on the second half of the Week 2 homework. My landing page for my email list is an offer to get my Self-Care Toolkit. Please check it out here: I would... (More)