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Haley C
Community Manager

Tuesday Tip: Hero Patterns

In today's ConvertKit Quick Tip, @Kyle Adams  shares with us how to use Hero Patterns to create awesome backgrounds for landing pages! 

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Haley C
Community Manager

In case you missed it

Happy Friday, Everyone! 

In case you missed it, this week's ConvertKit Quick Tip covered how easy it is to use the bulk actions feature in your account. 

Check it out here, along with all of our other Quick Tips! 

Tuesday's ConvertKit Quick Tip

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! 

Today's ConvertKit Quick Tip is brought to you by @Olivya and covers some new swag with the bulk actions feature. 

Check it out! 

Tuesday Tips: Deliverability tip

Today's tip will add to your knowledge of deliverability and best practices around your email marketing efforts as a creator. 

Learn how your sender reputation impacts your deliverability