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Tuesday Tip!

Today's tip is shared by @Kyle Adams and covers how to create and use a landing page with an existing website. 

This tip applies to so many use cases- you don't want to miss it! 

Watch the tip

Tuesday Tip: How to edit images for Landing Pages & Forms

Today's Tuesday Tip is a fantastic walk-through of using and editing images for your forms and landing pages.

@Kyle Adams did a great job using several examples of creating an opt-in with a terrific design, image included. Don't miss this... (More)


Tuesday Tip: How to ensure your emails are authenticated

Deliverability can sound scary, but when you have someone like @alyssa showing you how easy it can be to achieve great deliverability, it's not so bad. 

Watch Alyssa's tip  

Tuesday Tip

Today's tip video is something you're going to love.

Have you ever wanted to share a specific broadcast with others outside of your list? Now you can! @Olivya walks through the very simple steps for grabbing and sharing that link... (More)