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Tuesday Tips
Tuesday Tips
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Our Top 4 Deliverability Takeaways

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Today's tip video is a compilation of the best takeaways from Season 1 of our new deliverability podcast, Deliverability Defined.

Grab a snack or a warm cup of coffee and get caught up on some deliverability best... (More)

Tuesday Tip, 10/13/20!

Today's tip is brought to you by @Olivya, and she walks through how to easily edit your incentive email using the new incentive email editor! 

Watch the tip right here! 👇🏼

Tuesday Tip, 10/6!

Howdy, all!

Want to share links to something new on your site, for your podcast, or something else, while still gaining new subscribers?

You can!

Today's tip is from @Kyle Adams as he walks through a great option for those... (More)

ConvertKit Quick Tip, September 29th!

Hi Everyone! 

Today's quick tip video is from @kabrina and she covers a simple way to utilize the segmenting by location feature. 

Don't miss today's tip! 

Let me know what you think in the comments. 😃