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July Writing Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Who's up for a writing challenge in this group?

I'm hosting a challenge here, starting on Monday, July 20th (hint: that's next week!) to write 500 words a day, for a week.

The catch to this is that... (More)

Last day of the July Writing Challenge is today!

Today is our last day for our writing challenge. 

That went fast! 

How has it gone for you? What did you learn? 

Did you have fun? 😃

Day 4 of our July Writing Challenge is today!

Even if you've missed a day or two, you can participate today.

500 words- you can do it!

I've been practicing more of a free form writing for this challenge. Helps jumpstart the creative juices and doesn't add too much... (More)

It's Day 3 of our Writers Challenge!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Today is Day 3 of our July Writing Challenge! How is it going? What have your struggles been? What has been your favorite part so far?

Comment in this thread when you've completed today. Remember, everyone who... (More)