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Welcome to the Group! ✍

Who Are We?

One way or another, we're all writers. Some of us write novels, others blogs. Some are poets. It doesn't matter what you write. Only that you write.

Why Are We Here?

Writing is - by its nature... (More)

How to promote your books with a great author landing page

TikTok! Instagram! Websites! Email! Events! Podcast interviews!

There’s so much to figure out when it comes to promoting your work that it can feel very far away from the creativity and fun (okay, Type 2 fun) that created your book... (More)

Critical Eye ✍

Writing is zen - a meditation in story form.

I was looking for a koan about a painter and a fish but couldn't find it. I found this one instead.

When one goes to Obaku temple in Kyoto he sees... (More)

Tell Me What Chu Want 😎

The Working Writers Challenge kicks off tomorrow with our first "Call Your Shots" post but take a few moments today to think about what you want from the next four weeks. All of us have different goals, different aspirations. We... (More)