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Haley C
Haley C
Community Manager

Writer. Start-up geek. Coffee addict. 

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Hi! The app has been fine, and our team would love to dig into the issues you're seeing. :) For technical issues like this it can be best to reach out to our team via, so that... (More)

Thanks for asking about this! It doesn't appear to be widespread, but our tech team is definitely looking into it for you. :D 

Hi @jo.julian25@gmail.com1! The least you can request on a form will be the subscriber's email address. Everything else is optional. :)

In case it's helpful, I've included a bit more about how adding custom fields to forms and landing... (More)

Hi @Kyle Elmendorf3! Glad you enjoyed the webinar! You might also want to join our Workshops group if you haven't already.

Here's how to tag people who purchase from you:

Hope that's helpful! Welcome to the community! :D... (More)

Hi @Joanna1! It sounds like there might be a suppression on the sending address that needs to be removed. Our team can do that for you! 

Hi @Adam Hoyt3! You tagged your post #featurerequest so it will show up on the topic page for those, and our team sees that! Thanks for adding your thoughts. 

Set up

Hi @mikejezekfinancialcopy@gmail.com5! This is something that our team can help with on the technical support side. In your case, it looks like Analean has already confirmed the address for you and you're all set! 

Hi @Organisable4! This is something you can set up to help you automate your content for you. Here's an introductory video tutorial that should be helpful: