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Haley C
Haley C
Community Manager

Writer. Start-up geek. Coffee addict. 

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Creator Story: Creating Her Own Colors

Online video coach XayLi Barclay learned the best lessons from her grandma - one including the limitless potential of a creator. Find out how giving her 110% to everything led her to creative possibilities she didn’t even know existed.

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Haley C
Community Manager

New from the Knowledge Base: Troubleshooting Custom Fields in Forms & Landing Pages

Each week we're sharing something new or updated in the product & documentation. 

This week, we have a newly updated guide on how to troubleshoot custom fields in your forms and landing pages. 

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Haley C
Community Manager

Tuesday Tip: Hero Patterns

In today's ConvertKit Quick Tip, @Kyle Adams  shares with us how to use Hero Patterns to create awesome backgrounds for landing pages! 

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Haley C
Community Manager

The Future Belongs To Creators, Episode 52

Friday's episode of The Future Belongs To Creators includes a conversation between Nathan and Barrett talking about Black Lives Matter, followed by a Q&A. 

Here Nathan asks the important question: what else can we do and should we do? 

Haley C
Community Manager

In case you missed it

Happy Friday, Everyone! 

In case you missed it, this week's ConvertKit Quick Tip covered how easy it is to use the bulk actions feature in your account. 

Check it out here, along with all of our other Quick Tips! 

Haley C
Community Manager

10 Downloadable Lead Magnets to Grow Your Email List

A lead magnet refers to any free incentive you give your audience in exchange for joining your email list, and a downloadable is any lead magnet type that can be instantly downloaded by your subscriber.

Why use downloadable lead magnets to grow your list?

  • They are quick to download, design, and utilize.
  • They are an accessible way to teach your audience.
  • They position you as a knowledgeable expert.
  • They show how much you care about leading with value.
  • They can be automated through ConvertKit.
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Haley C
Community Manager

We're launching a new deliverability podcast!

Our amazing and very knowledgeable deliverability lead,, is about to launch a brand new podcast all about deliverability. 

We need your help. 

Do you have specific questions about deliverability? Best practices you'd like to know more about? Let us know! 

Post your questions using the form on this page, and they'll get covered! 

We'll see you on the podcast! 

Haley C
Community Manager

Deliverability Tip: Ask Subscribers to Whitelist your Emails

It can feel overwhelming to broach the subject of deliverability simply because there's so much to learn on the topic. 

There are simple steps you can take to improve that inbox placement, and one of them is so simple you can do it before your second cup of coffee today. :)

How to ask Subscribers to Whitelist your Emails

Tuesday's ConvertKit Quick Tip

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! 

Today's ConvertKit Quick Tip is brought to you by @Olivya and covers some new swag with the bulk actions feature. 

Check it out! 

Start your week off right with this Creator Session!

In case you missed Friday's live stream, the newest Creator Session is available on the ConvertKit YouTube channel. Start your Monday off with some seriously amazing inspiration! 

Watch the session