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Haley C
Haley C
Community Manager

Writer. Start-up geek. Coffee addict. 

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Haley C
Community Manager

A note from ConvertKit...



Haley C
Community Manager

Friday Celebrations!

Our community grew to more than 15,000 members this week.

What a milestone! Love seeing all of the activity around here every week, as we continue to welcome new creators from all over the world. 

Big thank you to @Blair Wadman @Emily Mills @Aaron Hockley @Zhenya @Olivya for grabbing questions this week! 

Here are a few of this week's posts in case you missed them: 

I hope you all have a well-deserved weekend of rest and fun. 

What are your plans?


Haley C
Community Manager

STARTING IN 30 MINUTES: Grammy nominated artist Mary Lambert

In this performance from her home studio in Massachusetts, Mary digs into some personal stories about her trauma, bi-polar disorder, and the constant shame that has influenced much of her work.​

Most of the work she shares with us is from her latest album, Grief Creature, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and produced exclusively by Mary.

​She says that Grief Creature is her life’s work - “my masterpiece, a break-up album to shame, an ode to mental illness, a love letter to hope.”

​Mary is an artist, activist, singer/songwriter, poet - a creator. But most importantly she is an inspiration and we are lucky to have her join us for Creator Sessions.

​Join us live this Today at 11 am PST / 2pm EST! (in 30 minutes)

Haley C
Community Manager

I want your feedback.

Hello, Everyone! 

Our community is about to cross over 15,000 members and that's just amazing. With that in mind, I have a question for you. 

What can we improve in our community to serve you better? 

This community is for creators, and that's YOU. If there are things we might add that would support you as a creator, or maybe things we could improve, please share those in this thread. 

I want to see this community continue to grow into a thriving, supportive environment and the best way we can do that is together. So lemme hear you! :D 

Haley C
Community Manager

New workshop happening today!

It's Thursday and there's a workshop live in just a few hours! 

How To Build A High-Converting Landing Page

Join Angel to learn why a high converting landing page is important to your business, how top creators build landing pages to earn a full time living online, and more. 

You can save your seat right here. 

Be sure to say hi in the chat also! 

We'll see you there.

getting started
Haley C
Community Manager

Raise your hand if you're brand new to creating online and building an audience!

This group is the perfect place to share thoughts, ideas, and ask questions. The more we connect with one another over our successful moments as well as the tougher ones that make us want to give up, the more we can reach goals together! 

Anyone working on a project right now that is new territory? 

What's going well for you? What sticking points have you run across in the process? 


Friday Celebrations

Happy Friday, Everyone! 

This week our community grew to more than 14,400 members. 

I say this every week, but I love how much our community is engaged and growing. We have an incredible group of creators here! 

Creator Sessions continue to be incredible. 

In just a few hours, a new Creator Session is going live Wildlife Filmmaker Shannon Wild. Don't miss it! 

If you would like to catch up on any of our past sessions, you can find those right here

Creator Spotlight this week: Jason Resnick 

Our creator spotlight this week was with @Jason Resnick and his fantastic podcast. You can catch that here if you didn't listen yet. It's so good! 

We've answered a lot of questions around here 

Since our community began, we've had more than 3,000 questions answered! How amazing is that? Another big thank you this week to @Emily Mills @Zhenya @Jason Resnick @Blair Wadman and @Olivya for all of your supportive responses. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday Celebrations!

Our community grew to more than 13,800 creators this week. 

We are building something truly unique and special around here, and it's all thanks to YOU and what you bring each and every week. The support, inspiration, and collaboration is really incredible. 

Big thanks to @Jason Resnick @Aaron Hockley @Emily Mills @Olivya @Blair Wadman and @Andoni Villarreal Real for jumping in to answer some questions this week! 

Announcing April's Deliverability Report... and a brand new Deliverability Podcast! has done a fantastic job compiling everything you should know about ConvertKit's deliverability from April, and you can find that right here. To top it off, she is launching a brand new podcast all about deliverability. All of the details are in the report! 

Creator Sessions are the best part about Fridays right now. 

In case you haven't had a chance to witness the genius, they all live here and you catch up anytime.  

There really is something special about watching live with creators from all over the world. The next session is coming in a week. I hope you can make it live! #convertkitlive #creatorsessions

Have you joined a group yet? 

This week's highlighted groups are 

Beginner Creators 

Course Creators

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash


It's Tuesday Tips time! :D

Today is Tuesday, and that means we have a brand new video tip for you! 

In today's tip, Giulia breaks down how to easily add a custom field to your new landing page. 

Friday Celebrations

It's Friday! 

It's been a fantastic week around our community. These are a few of the highlights! 

Our community grew to more than 13,000 creators this week. 

With so many great great conversations happening, and questions being answered, it's no wonder that more creators are joining us! This is all because of you making space to grow and learn together. 

Shout-out to our fabulous moderators from this week too: @Jason Resnick @Emily Mills @Aaron Hockley and @Olivya! (Side note: if you are interested in our new Incentive Program, you can find out more information here.) 

Are you interested in being a featured creator here in the community? 

If your answer is YES then I want to hear from you! All you need to do is select the group that is closest to your niche as a creator, and then share something you're working on and the progress you've made. Bonus points for how ConvertKit has helped you along the way! 

These posts just might get featured here in the community, as well as other CK platforms (with permission), so don't hold back! 

New in the Knowledge Base

Features are being released and updated all the time around here. Here's what we've updated this week: 

  1. Adding custom fields to forms and landing pages
  2. ThriveLeads integration

Big thank you to both @Olivya and @Kyle Adams for these resources! 

Share something you're looking forward to this weekend!

Are you planning to relax, spend time with loved ones, or maybe create something? Share your plans in the thread!