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Haley C
Haley C
Community Manager

Writer. Start-up geek. Coffee addict. 

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Quick Housekeeping Tip: If you have a question regarding your account, email marketing, best practices, etc, please select the "Question" option when asking the community. (Rather than the "Quick Post or Discussion options)

This will allow answers to your question to be upvoted. It also allows you to 'request an answer' if for some reason your question gets missed in the feed initially, and will alert others that an answer to your question has been requested. Pretty cool!

Thanks, Friends!
Y'all we're almost at 10,000 members in our community! That's incredible!

Love getting to be here each week with all of you. We're building something special.

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Hi Everyone!

I've created a new topic for The Future Belongs to Creators! You can follow it here:
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A new podcast will be happening today at 3p EST | 12p PST!

In these uncertain times it's easy to fall into a cycle of anxiety. On Tuesday we launched The Future Belongs to Creators, a live show to help break that cycle & channel anxiety into creativity. We're live every weekday for the next 8 weeks.
Nathan & Barrett are live right now!
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We also have a group specific to the Montreal area. Check it out!
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Looks like we have a new group for those based in Atlanta! If you live in or near the area, you can join this group to connect with other creators from your neck of the woods!
Saving previous conversations regarding feature requests here as well!

Going forward, let's keep feature request discussions within this topic!
Hey Everyone! If you're new to our community, we have a celebrations thread going right now in the main feed. Jump in and introduce yourself because we'd all LOVE to meet you! :D
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Hey all!

The workshop with Angel is starting in just a few minutes! Also, be sure to join our Workshop group here in the community as well.