#ConvertkitHelpForum Hello, my name is Lisa and this week I am leaving my job and my career to pursue my dream of making an income from my art. Part of that includes building a digital online course teaching beginner colored pencil. I am targeting people like me that have only in recent years come back to their art or are rediscovering that side of themselves for the first time.

I am desperate to start my email list as I know this takes time. I left another platform after investing significant money and time and being frustrated by the lack of support. I have a lead magnet read to go and I just need help creating a landing page. I began working with Convert kit a couple of days ago. I had started to build out something but today I went to look for it and it was gone. I am sure I saved it as all along the way I kept saving various changes to it. Can someone let me know what I may have done wrong and point me in the direction of a video tutorial that would literally walk me through this step by step? The other part that I need help with is understanding how this landing page will connect to my wix website. Can this landing page be shared across on other social platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

I thank you in advance for getting me closer to fulfilling my dreams!