HELLO, my name is Ry-an Kit, 21 years old and I'm from Philippines. I am currently studying at Bestlink College of the Philippines and taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology major in Information Security.

One thing in life that I wonder about is Employment. As a graduating student , I am curious about what would be my future self after I graduate? Do I have to do things that I've seen in many movies? Making resume, getting certificates, attend seminars and having a skill that will make you hired by Google kidding aside.

I've read a lot or articles regarding part time jobs. Work from home, remote task and soon but I always end up nothing. As a student, I am always looking for things that could help me earn money doing freelance but to tell you honestly , it is impossible to find clients here in the Philippines. Unlikely to other countries that there are a lot of opportunities out there that could help those students like me who seeks for financial solution.

There was this time that I hardly accept the fact that people gets poorer and rich people gets richer. I mean how? How could they do that? Seeing those successful people is a "SANA ALL" , a term which simply means "hope all" and I used it whenever I see people that showcases their success.

But things do change. As I step forward and ask How, its my very best decision ever that changes my life. I am a studentpreneur and earning by doing business online. And , I am no longer looking for part time job and a lot of people do ask me HOW I did it. Wanna know how? Ask me How and it is my pleasure's to help you being succesful.