Hi everyone, my name is Sabrina and I do a lot related to Podcasting and Spirituality.

Right now I'm running an Intentional Rest Planning Ritual, designed to guide busy solopreneurs, business owners, and #veryexhausted people through intentionally integrating rest into your growing schedules.


The aim is to take you from:
Your calendar being constantly booked, with little to no breaks

Being over-committed to the point that you've dropped the ball on some projects, and that's an experience that you don't want to repeat

Experiencing days or weeks of burnout-induced rest, where you feel that you're losing time and falling behind, because you've been extremely burnt out from giving 110% to your projects or commitments

You're unable to book in time for longer vacations, but have no idea where to begin with incorporating smaller and more routine rest points throughout your day and week

Feeling as though you need to have the output of a robot when you are actually a human, but not knowing how to realign with your natural rest cycle.

To experiencing:
The ability to pre-schedule specific break points and activities throughout your calendar, shielding you from becoming consumed in your work

Starting projects with an outline of not only your to do lists and deliverables, but also with a personalized guide for how you are going to take time for yourself throughout the process, keeping you away from burning out and dropping the ball

Knowing exactly what activities you need to pivot to in times of overwhelm, without having to spend any energy coming up with restful activities in those moments of stress

Being justified in your commitment to rest and the actions you are taking to rest because you are intentionally aligned with the energy of the changing season and you've reframed your relationship with time.