Ria C. Butler
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I created an automation for a webinar last week, the automation does the following: sends reminder email 24hrs before class begins send day of reminder (1 morning of and 1 hour before webinar begins) also within the emails are link triggers that segment those that purchase the workbook a survey is then sent an hour after the webinar and then last chance offer emails sent to persons that didn't buy The issue now is that I duplicated the original Masterclass Automation because I to host a masterclass weekly with new registrants each week. Again, same content with a new batch of registrants (EACH WEEK). BUT, new subscribers for the following weeks masterclass email are still being attached to the original and duplicated containers. Ultimately my question is this: Is that the best approach for me to take with the duplication of containers OR should I create a new one each time I host this webinar. If I host 52 masterclass (covering a full year), what's the best approach I can take, or do I manually create an automation each time for the respective week. Any help, clarity, feedback you can provide is appreciated.

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