David Stark
ย ยทย Author, Professor

In the case of a subscriber who just wants a freebie but doesn't want to go on my regular list, let's say, (1) I deliver that freebie with an additional link in the email tied an automation that will let them opt in to my regular list with one click, (2) they don't immediately click the link to opt in to my regular list, and (3) they eventually turn up as a "cold" subscriber after receiving the freebie, so that (4) I manually unsubscribe them from my list, and then sometime after that, (5) they click the link in the email that would have added them to my regular list. Does this subscriber then have their status automatically changed back from "cancelled" to "confirmed"? Or are they still "cancelled" so that the link to subscribe to the full list in the freebie delivery email has effectively become dead for Convertkit automation purposes?

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