Hello, I'm trying to ensure I'm GDPR compliant for delivery of my lead magnet/freebie. I've got the setting turned on to show the check-box opt-in “only to subscribers currently in the EU, UK, and Switzerland (determined by IP address).” So let's say an EU subscriber wants my freebie, but DOESN'T want to be on my mailing list, so they DON'T check the box. How is the incentive still delivered to them? If they receive the same "incentive email" as everyone else, they'd have to click "Confirm your subscription" to access the freebie (see screenshot 1)- which they've already indicated they don't want to do. Even if I change the name on the button in the incentive email to something other than that, the URL code is still the confirmation of double opt-in, per the screenshot below. So how do EU subscribers get the freebie without confirming they'd like to be added to someone's mailing list if 1) they don't want to be on the list and 2) they're receiving the same general incentive email as everyone else, featuring the "confirm your subscription" button as the means of downloading the freebie?

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