Let's celebrate some creators today, as we head into our weekend! 

Cheers to the weekend!
Cheers to the weekend!

Community Creators of the Week 

@Adam Zainudin for being such an incredible teacher here in the community. He shared another new video this week, and you can find it right here

@Melissa @ Pocket Homeschool for earning the new badge of Community Ambassador! She is so welcoming to all of our new community members, and even jumps in to help make sure questions are answered. 

@Nathan Lowell for being such a great leader in our Writers Mastermind, and for earning the new badge of Group Ambassador! He has brought his incredible talents, abilities, and down-to-earth nature to our community each week, and even jumps in to answer questions. 

@Angel Marie  for hosting another terrific creator workshop, and for that amazing discussion thread! If you haven't discovered that yet, head over to the Workshops group and you'll find a bunch of great threads with lots of extras. 

@Jasmine Fox for also being a terrific addition to our community, with greetings, answers to questions, and an all-around fabulous attitude. She has earned the new badge of Community Ambassador as well, and it is well deserved!

@knotsowildcreations @Jessica Lang and @Anne Marie Gazzolo for some wonderful conversations in our Writers Mastermind every day. You three are such a great example of how the gift of writing manifests in such varying and amazing talents, and I am so grateful to have each of you in this community! 

You all bring something unique and valuable to the table, and this community is an incredible space because of you. Thank you for continuing to create a space that is inclusive, safe, creative, and fun to be a part of each week! 

🎉What are you celebrating today?🎉 

Drop your celebration in the thread. Can't wait to celebrate with you!