Creating a tip jar for health coaches

Are you a health coach? Have you set up a tip jar yet?

A tip jar is the easiest way to get paid for sharing what you know with your audience.

Those health tips you're sharing on Instagram and in your newsletter? They’re so valuable to your followers, and you’d be surprised how many people are willing to tip when they find value in something.

The best part is that you can create a tip jar in about 10 minutes—all you need is a free ConvertKit account.

Let’s go over how you can easily set up and promote your tip jar as a health coach!

Step 1: Create your tip jar

First of all, you’ll want to create your tip jar. Here’s our step-by-step guide to making it happen.

When it comes to customization, keep it on-brand with your brand’s colors and add an image of yourself.

Also, let your audience know what their tip will support. Will it help you to create more free content? Will it help keep your website ad-free? 

Let your followers know exactly what they’re helping with. People love to feel like their money is making an impact!

P.S. Want more tip jar examples? Here are 9 ways you can use ConvertKit’s Tip Jar to monetize your creator journey.

Step 2: Share your tip jar everywhere

Once you’ve created your tip jar, where should you share it? The answer: everywhere! 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Your website

One of the easiest ways to get started with your tip jar is by adding it to your website. Try adding a link to your tip jar in your website’s footers, sidebar, or within individual blog posts. 

A freebie

If you offer a freebie to new subscribers, include a link to your tip jar within the freebie. For example, on the last day of the challenge, you can ask people to leave a tip if they enjoyed what you had to share.

The footer of your emails

If you’re already sending out emails to your list (whether that’s a newsletter or automated sequences), add a link to your tip jar within your emails. You can add the link to the footer of your email template, or you can add it within the body of your newsletter.

Your link in bio

Set up a ConvertKit link page and add your tip jar as one of your links. That way, you can let your social followers know that they can leave you a tip using your link in bio.

Here’s exactly how to add your tip jar to your link page.

Step 3: Consider creating a digital product

Once you have your tip jar up and running, you might be surprised by how generous people can be. If your tip jar is a success, that’s a great indicator that your audience would be willing to pay for a product or coaching program 🙌

If you’re not sure what to offer your audience, try testing out product ideas with a landing page! Here’s how to make it happen.

How would a tip jar help your coaching business? 

We’d love to know: What would extra income from a tip jar help you to do? If you’ve created your tip jar, leave a comment with your link so others can support you!

Don’t forget you can learn how to set up your tip jar here.