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I found a tip on here to add a delay of 999 weeks at the end of a visual automation so I can leave it active and go back later to add another step to the automation (see screenshot). My question is whether this is necessary...could I just add another step to the sequence and everyone moves through it? Next, if it is, how I go about adding something later? I'm currently taking pre-orders for a course that's releasing on the 21st. I have a pre-order sequence and then on the 21st, everyone will get pulled to the regular purchase sequence. I put in the 999 week delay to keep them active so that in the future when I release something these people might be interested in buying, I can add another sequence selling them the new thing. But where do I add that new sequence? I'm assuming they will show as "# subscribers waiting here" but I'm not sure how to get them to move on when I'm ready. I marked on my screenshot my two best guesses of how I do it, but I'd love an official answer rather than having to experiment and see what happens! Thanks!

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